At Nakatumble - Inhouse Guests

This is the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. An escape that is private with a customised service offering to suit the needs of your family or group. Nakatumble has been designed to be light on environmental impact but big on experience for our guests. At Nakatumble you will have the whole estate to yourselves. To enjoy as you please.We have all of the ingredients, you tell us what will make your holiday perfect… and we work the magic.

At Nakatumble - Inhouse Guests

This is the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. An escape that is private with a customised service offering to suit the needs of your family or group. Nakatumble has been designed to be light on environmental impact but big on experience for our guests. At Nakatumble you will have the whole estate to yourselves. To enjoy as you please.We have all of the ingredients, you tell us what will make your holiday perfect… and we work the magic.

Welcome to the Farm

On the Estate there is a working farm, it was meticulously designed to regenerate and create a low mess, low smell, and all-around great experience for adults and children alike. At Nakatumble the animals are part of the family and part of the experience. You are welcome to be as involved as you wish with them.On the Estate there are pigs, ducks, chickens, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Let's introduce you to the Nakatumble animals... The farm also features a thriving food garden.











Growing Goodness

At Nakatumble we have created a farm environment to be as sustainable as possible. On the farm, we grow everything from cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, rocket, lettuce, kumala (sweet potato), eggplant, manok, watermelon, pineapples, pawpaw, beetroot, carrots, coriander, parsley, passionfruit, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and bok choy. Expect to see fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs being harvested and then crafted into tasty meals - straight from the farm to fork.

Eco Farm Tour

Tour the farm and learn how we do things differently at Nakatumble. Utilising a combination of kastom (traditional Vanuatu techniques), traditional European and new technology the farm is helping us achieve a sustainable future. See, learn and experience how the following happens:Creation of biogasSolar harvestingWater collection for storage and disbursement methods for animals, food gardens and human useGarden development, how we've transformed a rock base of bush scrub into a garden bursting with 1000’s varieties of plantsHarvesting food to feed our animalsPreserving abundance for future use


Abundance On Every Plate

There's no great holiday without fantastic food. With Nakatumble, every meal is a delightful experience tailored to leave a lasting memory. Our credo? Fare una tavola completa, or in Bislama, kaikai hemi fulup tumas, meaning 'fill the table'. While our lush gardens are the primary source of our fresh produce, we've also partnered with top-notch local suppliers for the finest beef and fish.

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The Dining Experience

The word for food in Bislama? It's 'kaikai'.At Nakatumble, we're stepping away from the traditional 'menu' approach. You have the choice and flexibility to curate your seasonalized dining experience factoring in allergies, and personal preferences with your on-hand, dedicated chef. Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal or just a refreshing beverage by the pool, you can opt for these as additions. We will ensure every meal is memorable but it’s your call on how and when you’d like to indulge.We embrace the global tradition of shared dining. Picture this: everyone gathered around a communal table, exchanging stories about the house, their adventures of the day, and the vibrant Vanuatu culture.This approach to dining is universal. It's known as d'hôte in France, Teishoku in Japan, Osterie in Italy, and here in Vanuatu, it’s called kaikai blo olgeta.

A Note To Our Guests

Only in-house guests are treated to our dining experience. Our focus remains on ensuring an intimate, top-tier dining atmosphere. So, it's not your conventional restaurant open to the general public—unless, of course, they're here for one of our curated experience days, where the meals are on us!Relish every bite, cherish every moment, and as always, let the Nakatumble magic be yours for a while!

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A holiday should help you replenish your mind, body and soul. At Nakatumble there are a range of activities that will help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Be pampered by our wonderful visiting beauty therapist, explore the underwater world, start your day with sunrise yoga, breathe in the fresh ocean air, read a book by the pool, or go out on a fishing adventure.Make new friends, or re-connect those you are on holiday with.Perhaps you want to learn about the Vanuatu culture or get to know our neighbours. They are beautiful friendly folk and we are grateful that they share their culture and home with us and with guests at Nakatumble. The possibilities are many, and there is sure to be one to suit your speed and needs.


Our visiting masseuse Lena has healing hands. Lena has been part of the Nakatumble family since the early days of construction and comes to the property to treat our guests. She’s a wonderful massage therapist, is warm-hearted and has beautiful strong hands.Lena has some secret beauty potions too, she can custom-make coconut and coffee scrubs to make your massage experience even more magical.



Sunrise yoga on the sea deck is the ultimate way to start your day.Perhaps you prefer your yoga on the lawn? Well, there are plenty of places to practice yoga while looking out towards the sea and headland. Roll out your matt on your time, or let us arrange an instructor for you.


For those looking to get out on the water, Bill is a water enthusiast and loves taking guests out for a paddleboard or a kayak. Whatsmore, he has a wonderful ability to moderate the activity according to the skill or will of guests. Just offshore, turtles, fish of all sizes, and incredible coral can be seen. The water is pristine and teaming with life. To help you better explore the underwater world, Nakatumble provides high-end masks and snorkelling equipment so you can get out and explore the Pacific Ocean. If you are a surfer the breaks can be phenomenal and the best part is, there’s no need to compete for a wave as it's only you.There is also some incredible fishing nearby, we can organise a boat trip out, you might even be lucky enough to catch a fresh tuna for your evening meal.



Nothing is nicer than seeing the tides change and then exploring the shore. Wander along the rock pools to discover small fish, crabs and creatures just making their way about their life. You can see fossils on the ridges, and collect corals of many colours designs and textures it is simple but there is something really fulfilling about it. We encourage parents with young children to do this especially as it has created many bonding moments.


There is plenty for the children to do, from hanging out in the pool, to snorkling in the sea to roaming the extensive gardens, usually with their chosen favourate furry friend but sometimes kids need a little more.

Baby Kit

At Nakatumble we make it easy to bring your baby we provide cot, blanket, washable floor mats for play, microwave, fridge to store snacks, stroller and car seat. We are even happy to wash the cloth nappies for you.Hence all you need to bring is the favourite toy, bottle, and some clothes .. oh and the baby too

Nanny Service

Our hostesses are chosen for their kindness and generosity of spirit and they provide a nanny to entertain your child to take them for a walk to visit the farm, collect shells or swim in the pool our nannies are available from 7am to 9pm every day. Last minute is not a problem we are always on hand to care for your children.

Sponsor a Lokal friend

This is a really special program where have a Ni Vanuatu child be a buddy for your children, they can explore Nakatumble together and they will have a best friend for life. Some families also opt to have the buddies stay at Nakatumble.

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Tuk Tuk bay is the only protected marine area in all of Efate island. The foreshore and reef is spectacular with such a diversity of life. WIth turtles, dolphins, migrating whales, and fish big and small. The colors of the coral are vivid of purple, reds, green, blue and white with massive ‘brain coral’, fans and huge array of sizes.


We have 4 different breaks, it can be shallow so not for the freight hearted.We have assorted boards from Malibus to short boards we have something for you. Bill has been surfing these waves for a while so he know the best lefties. Best bit THERE IS NO ONE HERE so no fighting over the waves(i have no idea what i am saying i am just remembering words that bill has said so just put this in for now and then he can write it)


Experienced or not this this is the BEST way to see the reef, Bill will take you our and ensure you are safe and wow what you will see.


We have snorkels and reef shoes though most people bring their own so that they can be donated to the local community. See the amazing corals and ….


Our custom land owners, Famil Malasikoto welcome fishing so long as its just recreational and respectful for future generations. Bring your rod, hang out at the sea or go out on a kayak


We can organize for a professional photographer and videographer to come and record the special time with your family and friends. Perfect for milestone birthdays and its a memory to be treasured forever